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Fees & Rewards

For Business owner:

When we give you the local phone numbers and forward calls to your mobiles or land lines,

There is a monthly rent for those virtual numbers and charges for the phone calls depends which tariff you chose when first ordered, but tariff can be change by request to admin

Please see our Tariffs -

For Taxi Drivers:

There is no fee or extra charges for booking a taxi

Drivers pay 10% of estimated fare when job is completed

Drivers reward:

Every-time you refer a driver

You will receive 2% profit from his completed job

This profit you receive for lifelong of your joined drivers

This profit will give by admin and drivers will not lose their money

Profit and reward only will decide by admin and admin can deactivate this for anyone at anytime

Drivers pay for receiving phone calls which charge by seconds and different calls zone may have different rate so ask the admin for your calls charge, Also drivers may pay the Rent by weekly or monthly for any particular zones ask admin for your charge

About CabbieAppUK


Providing the system which is allow customers to connect direcly to the nearest taxi drivers by phone calls app booking, 

Drivers can setup their own business with local phone numbers, 

Create as many zone you like, join your drivers

Drivers will get phone calls and App jobs by their ranking position, 

We provide you the whole system which will allow you to control your drivers, tracking and monitor their account,

You can charge drivers rent by weekly or monthly

Group of drivers can work together in the area without pay any cab office rent only by sharing a local phone number